Wendyl’s Mother’s Little Helper Book

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  • The book which was responsible for getting four brands of baby wipes recalled from supermarkets in New Zealand  because they contained a banned substance.
  • This is a must-have book for new mums because it explains what chemicals, commonly used in baby products, to avoid, why and how.
  • It also gives 84 wonderful old-fashioned recipes for everything from making your own baby wipes to rice cereal and face lotion.
  • Studies have shown that some babies are born pre-polluted with more than 200 chemicals in their bodies, and in the US pediatricians are petitioning the government to ban some of the 80,000 chemicals in our environment that didn’t exist just 80 years ago.
  • This is a great gift for the baby shower and if you’re going to be a grandma, what better gift than sharing some old-fashioned, tried and trusted baby raising recipes?
  • I loved writing this book and I’m getting lots of positive feedback about it:
    • “What a thoroughly useful, sensible and reassuring source of information for new mums …… I’m certainly going to make sure my daughter has a copy,” says Judy Bailey.
    • “Her honesty and humour is clearly heard in her words. I wish I had this book to read during my first pregnancy. What a wealth of vital information for all new mums,” says Lorraine Downes.
    • “This wonderful book is the perfect gift for new mums. Packed full of sensible advice and common sense, it’s like having a grandmother on hand at any hour of the day and night,” says Kerre Woodham.


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